Recognizing the Achievements of the Department of Anthropology’s Graduate Students in Spring 2023

The Department of Anthropology wishes to celebrate the recent accomplishments of our graduate students.

Aida Arosoaie has received National Science Foundation funding to support her dissertation fieldwork in Malaysia.

Sheamus Cavanaugh has been awarded a year-long dissertation writing fellowship from the Nelson Institute.

Leah Entenmann received a Fulbright-GPA award from Howard University to support Yoruba language study in Nigeria.

Rachel Hodapp has been selected to be the African Studies Teaching Fellow for 2023-24.

Alan Lee was awarded the campus-wide Dorothy Powelson TA award.

Patty Lan received a 2023-24 Fulbright-IIE award to conduct research in South Korea on the cultural politics of international education programs.

Shahana Munazir has received the UW-Madison Mary Washburn Willets Award for excellence in Social Sciences from the Dept of Gender and Women’s Studies.

Ali Baba Sanchi has been nominated as an Honored Instructor during Spring 2023.

Jiangjiang Wu was selected as an L&S Teaching Mentor.

Congratulations for your achievements!