Honors in the Major

For students in the College of Letters and Sciences and the Department of Anthropology, there are three options for honors:

  1. Honors in the Liberal Arts: see the Honors Program office in the Washburn Observatory for more information on this option.
  2. Honors in the Major: see departmental requirements below.
  3. Comprehensive Honors: the highest degree awarded by the College of Letters & Science; it is a combination of the two above options.

Anthropology Honors Requirements

  • Major Declaration form filed
  • Contact Department of Anthropology
  • L&S Honors in the Major form filed
  • 3 (H) credits in Archaeology*
  • 3 (H) credits in Biology*
  • 3 (H) credits in Cultural*

*Honors students must take 3 honors (H) credits in each of the three areas of Anthropology: Archaeology, Biology, and Cultural. These credits can be obtained in any of the required courses listed below, with the exception of 681 and 682; these credits do not have to come from extra courses.

  • 105, Introductory Human Biology, 3 credits
  • 300, Cultural Anthropology, 3 credits
  • 490, Undergraduate Seminar, 3 credits
  • A second 490 seminar or one seminar at the 600 level or one seminar at the 900 level (3 credits; note: a 900 level seminar requires consent of the instructor and advisor and a minimum 3.5 GPA).
  • A senior honors thesis (6 credits): 681 and 682 (note: 681 and 682 must be taken sequentially, not concurrently)

Honors students must also take two of the following three Archaeology courses:

  • 212, Principles of Archaeology, 3 credits
  • 321, The Emergence of Human Culture, 3 credits
  • 322, The Origins of Civilization, 3 credits

Students must earn a cumulative GPA of at least 3.3 in courses taken in the major.