Course List for Archaeology Certificate

(note: some courses have prerequisites that are not listed here)


X-Listed Departments

Course No.

Course Title

Intro/Core Courses
Anthropology 102 Archaeology and the Prehistoric World
Anthropology 105 Principles of Biological Anthropology
Anthropology 112/212 Principles of Archaeology
Area Courses
Anthropology 309 Prehistoric Europe
Anthropology 310 Topics in Archaeology
Anthropology 321 The Emergence of Human Culture
Anthropology 322 The Origins of Civilization
Anthropology 333 Prehistory of Africa
Anthropology AIS 354 Archaeology of Wisconsin
Anthropology AIS 355 Archaeology of Eastern North America
Art History 241 Introduction to African Art and Architecture
Art History Classics 300 The Art and Archaeology of Ancient Greece
Art History Classics 304 The Art and Archaeology of Ancient Rome
Art History 305 History of Islamic Art and Architecture
Art History 307 Early Chinese Art: From Antiquity to the 10th Century
Art History 390 Pre-Columbian Art
Art History 405 Cities and Sanctuaries of Ancient Greece
Art History 600 Special Topics (on an Archaeology topic)
Classics Jewish Studies 241 Introduction to Biblical Archaeology
Classics 320 The Greeks
Classics 322 The Romans
Classics 379 Eureka! Technology and Practice in the Ancient World
Classics Jewish Studies 451 Biblical Archaeology (juniors/seniors and grads)
Classics 602 The Ancient Mediterranean City
Geography 309 People, Land and Food: Comparative Study of Agriculture Systems
History 303 A History of Greek Civilization
History 307 A History of Rome
History 313 Introduction to Byzantine History and Civilization
History 377 History of Africa, 1500-1870
Methods/Topics Courses
Anthropology 302 Hominoid Evolution
Anthropology 303 Human Skeletal Anatomy
Anthropology 311 Archaeological Chemistry
Anthropology 352 Ancient Technology and Invention (can count either for a Methods course or the Seminar/Capstone course)
Anthropology 391 Bones for the Archaeologist
Anthropology 696 Anthropological Methods of Curation
Botany 240 Plants and Humans
Botany Anthro/AIS 474 Ethnobotany
Classics 430 Classical Archaeology
Geography Geoscience 320 Geomorphology
Geography 321 Climatology
Geography Geoscience 326 Landforms: Topics and Regions
Geography 329 Landforms and Landscapes of North America
Geography Envir St 335 Climatic Environments of the Past
Geography 360 Quantitative Methods in Geographical Analysis
Geography 370 Introduction to Cartography
Geography Envir St 377 Intro to GIS
Geography Geoscience 527 The Quaternary Period
Geography 528 Past Climates and Climate Change
Geoscience 202 Introduction to Geologic Structures
Geoscience 203 Earth Materials
Geoscience 371 Introduction to Environmental Remote Sensing
Geoscience 372 Intermediate Environmental Remote Sensing
Geoscience Geography 420 Glacial and Pleistocene Geology
Geoscience 430 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
Geoscience Envir St 444 Practical Applications of GPS Surveying
Geoscience 594 Introduction to Applied Geophysics
Zoology Anthro 410 Evolutionary Biology
Field Courses
Anthropology 370 Field Course in Archaeology
Anthropology 454 Field Course in Biological Anthropology
Anthropology 490 Undergraduate Seminar  (must be taught by a member of the archaeology faculty)
Anthropology 352 Ancient Technology and Invention (can count either for a Methods course or the Seminar/Capstone course)