Archaeology Certificate Requirements

Program requirements:

21 credits of specified coursework distributed among at least three particular departments and among different categories of courses as follows:

3 credits of Introductory Courses (Anthro 102, 105, or 112/212)
6 credits in Area Courses
6 Credits in Methods Courses (formerly “Topics” Courses)
3 credits of a summer Archaeological Field Course (or substitute with permission; the field school should be at least 4 weeks in duration)
3 credits of Capstone Seminar (Anthro 490) on an Archaeology topic taught by an archaeology faculty member
(or other archaeology seminar with permission of the instructor and the faculty advisor for the Archaeology Certificate)


“Area Courses” focus on regional issues in archaeology and provide the student with more specific knowledge on a geographic area. “Methods Courses” focus on analytical approaches and theory and ensure that the student has a strong foundation in methods and theory. “Archaeological Field Course,” or field schools, are taught during the summer and provide the student with practical hands-on experience in archaeology that is critical for professional development in the discipline. Together these complementary courses give the student a well-rounded education in the field of archaeology.

The 21 credits must be selected from a list of pre-approved courses (although exceptions may be made when relevant new courses are developed) distributed among at least three of the departments listed below to meet the breadth requirement of the Archaeology Certificate:

Art History
American Indian Studies
Environmental Studies
Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies

Substitution for courses prescribed in a certificate program may be recommended by the certificate program faculty to the student’s Dean. Directed study courses and non-UW-Madison equivalent transfer courses would constitute individual exceptions. Please see the archaeology certificate advisor for more information about exceptions.

Cross-listed courses will be allowed, but the student should be careful to enroll in the appropriate department in order to fulfill the certificate requirements.

A minimum 2.0 GPA must be earned on all course work attempted for the certificate program. Certificate program course requirements can be met by courses approved for Credit/No Credit (CR/N) grading. At least 50% of the credits applied toward the requirements of the certificate program must be taken in residence at UW – Madison. Credits earned by participation in a UW – Madison study abroad program are resident credits unless special considerations apply.