Archaeology Certificate Learning Goals

What You Will Learn Through the Archaeology Certificate:

  • acquire specialized training in archaeological research, which may include:
    • basic knowledge of and skills in observational methods and organized recording of information for a variety of lines of evidence
    • putting these abilities into practice in and out of class
    • learning to work in collaboration with other students, faculty, and professional archaeologists to conduct archaeological research
    • exercising and extending critical thinking skills through practice in the classroom, lab, and life outside the classroom
    • strengthening archaeological interpretations through reference to supporting evidence
    • developing basic research questions and the analytical skills necessary to address research questions
    • gaining knowledge of archaeological methods, theory, and interpretive frameworks
    • communicating archaeological findings through written and oral forms of expression
  • obtain comparative global knowledge of archaeology, material culture, culture history, and the evolution of people’s relationships with the physical and natural world
  • gain an awareness of the ethics of archaeology and heritage preservation around the world
  • synthesize information relevant to archaeology across multiple disciplines
  • recognize the presence of the past every where in the world, and be able to distinguish between empirical and speculative narratives about the past