Fernanda Hernandez Betanzos

Position title: Graduate Student

Email: hernandezbet@wisc.edu


Fernanda Hernandez CV

Fernanda is a Ph.D. student working in Mesoamerica, specifically, central Mexico. Her interests include the conservation and preservation of archaeological sites, ethnoarchaeology, ethnohistory, ethnobotany, itinerancy and migration, the material culture of medicine, cultural hybridity/syncretism, and indigenous archaeology. She is working towards preserving Mexico’s cultural patrimony through community outreach and hopes to advocate for the repatriation of pre-Columbian artifacts from abroad.

2020 “Examining Tlatilco Figurines.” Unframed. Los Angeles County Museum of Art. https://unframed.lacma.org/2020/11/02/examining-tlatilco-figurines

2019 Natural Mummification. Electronic Student Journal of Anthropology (18- 23). 16th Volume. https://www.csudh.edu/Assets/csudh-sites/anthropology/docs/esjoa-fa2019.pdf