Grievance Procedure

The Department of Anthropology had developed a grievance procedure through which you may register comments or complaints about a course, an instructor, or a teaching assistant. The Department continues to provide a course evaluation each semester in every class. If you wish to make anonymous complaints to an instructor or teaching assistant, the appropriate vehicle is the course evaluation. If you have a disagreement with an instructor or teaching assistant, we strongly encourage you to try to resolve the dispute with them directly. The grievance procedure is designed for situations where neither of these channels is appropriate.

If you wish to file a grievance, use this Course Comment Sheet and then submit the completed form to the Department Chair or Department Administrator. When completing the comment sheet, you will need to provide a detailed statement that describes what aspects of the course you find unsatisfactory. You will need to sign the sheet and provide your student identification number, your address, and a phone number where you can be reached. The department will investigate comments fully and will respond in writing to complaints.

Your name, address, phone number, and student ID number will not be revealed to the instructor or teaching assistant involved and will be treated as confidential. The Department needs this information because it may become necessary for a commenting student to have a meeting with the department chair or a nominee to gather additional information. Name and addresses are also necessary for providing a written response.

In addition to the Department of Anthropology’s procedure, the following UW-Madison Offices and Centers have procedures and resources available for addressing various concerns:

McBurney Disability Resource Center

University Health Services

Graduate School Greivances and Appeals Process

Dean of Students Office

Bias or Hate Reporting