Faculty Listing by Specialty

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Aesthetic/Symbolism/Power — Emiko Ohnuki-Tierney; Amy Stambach

Africa — Henry T. Bunn; John HawksTravis PickeringAmy Stambach; Claire Wendland

Ainu — Emiko Ohnuki-Tierney

Anthropological Genomics — John Hawks

Archaeology — Henry T. Bunn; Sarah ClaytonJ. Mark Kenoyer; Nam KimSissel Schroeder

Behavioral Ecology — Henry T. BunnTravis PickeringKaren Strier

Biological Anthropology — Henry T. BunnJohn HawksTravis PickeringKaren Strier

Brazil —Falina Enriquez; Karen Strier

Buddhism — Katherine Bowie

California & American West — Maria Lepowsky

Caribbean — Jerome Camal

Ceramic Analysis — J. Mark Kenoyer

Comparative Anatomy — John HawksTravis Pickering

Comparative Social Structure & Social Change — Katherine Bowie; Amy Stambach

Complex Societies — Sarah ClaytonNam KimSissel Schroeder

Conservation — Katherine BowieKaren Strier

Craft Specialization — J. Mark Kenoyer

Cultural Anthropology — Katherine BowieJerome CamalFalina EnriquezMaria LepowskyAmy Stambach; Emiko Ohnuki-TierneyClaire Wendland

Demography — John Hawks

Development Anthropology — Katherine BowieAmy StambachClaire Wendland

East Asia — J. Mark KenoyerNam KimEmiko Ohnuki-Tierney

Eastern North America Archaeology — Sissel Schroeder

Ecology — Henry T. BunnMaria LepowskyTravis PickeringSissel SchroederKaren Strier

Economy — Katherine Bowie; Amy Stambach

Environment — Henry T. Bunn; Maria LepowskySissel Schroeder; Amy Stambach; Karen B. Strier

Ethnoarchaeology — Henry T. BunnJ. Mark KenoyerTravis Pickering

Ethnography — Amy Stambach

Ethnohistory — Katherine BowieMaria Lepowsky

Ethnomedicine — Maria LepowskyEmiko Ohnuki-TierneyClaire Wendland

Ethnomusicology — Jerome CamalFalina Enriquez

Evolution of Human Diet — Henry T. BunnTravis Pickering

Evolutionary Theory — John Hawks; Karen Strier

Exchange — Maria Lepowsky; Amy Stambach

Experimental Archaeology — J. Mark Kenoyer

Food — Henry T. Bunn; Emiko Ohnuki-Tierney; Travis Pickering; Sissel Schroeder; Amy Stambach

Gender — Katherine BowieMaria LepowskyEmiko Ohnuki-TierneyAmy StambachClaire Wendland

Genetics — John Hawks

Global/Local (The) — Emiko Ohnuki-Tierney

Historical Anthropology — Katherine BowieMaria LepowskyEmiko Ohnuki-Tierney

History of Anthropology — Katherine BowieJohn HawksMaria Lepowsky; Amy Stambach

History of Archaeology — Sissel Schroeder

Human Anatomy — John HawksTravis Pickering

Human Ecology — Maria Lepowsky

Human Evolution — Henry T. BunnJohn HawksTravis Pickering

Hunter-gatherers — Henry T. BunnJ. Mark KenoyerEmiko Ohnuki-TierneyTravis Pickering

Identity and Ethnicity — Katherine Bowie, Jerome Camal; Falina Enriquez; J. Mark Kenoyer; Nam KimEmiko Ohnuki-Tierney; Sissel Schroeder; Amy Stambach; Claire Wendland

India — J. Mark Kenoyer

Japan, Japanese — Emiko Ohnuki-Tierney

Kenya — Henry T. Bunn

Landscapes — Sissel Schroeder

Life History & Life Cycle — John HawksKaren Strier

Mathematical & Statistical Approaches — John Hawks

Material Culture Assemblage Analysis — Sissel Schroeder

Medical/Nutritional — Maria LepowskyClaire Wendland

Mesoamerica — Sarah Clayton

Mexico — Sarah Clayton

Middle East — J. Mark Kenoyer

Music — Jerome CamalFalina Enriquez

Nation-state Formation — Katherine Bowie

Native Americans — Sissel SchroederClaire Wendland

Nationalism — Emiko Ohnuki-Tierney; Amy Stambach

New Guinea — Maria Lepowsky

Oceania — Maria Lepowsky

Old World Prehistory — Henry T. BunnJohn HawksJ. Mark KenoyerTravis Pickering

Origins of Agriculture — Sissel SchroederJohn Hawks

Pakistan — J. Mark Kenoyer

Paleoanthropology — Henry T. BunnJohn HawksTravis Pickering

Paleolithic — J. Mark Kenoyer

Pastoralists & Pastoral Nomads — J. Mark Kenoyer

Patriotism — Emiko Ohnuki-Tierney

Peasant Political Movements — Katherine Bowie

Peasant Social History — Katherine Bowie

Performance Studies — Jerome Camal; Falina Enriquez

Pleistocene Old World — Henry T. BunnJohn HawksTravis Pickering

Plio-Pleistocene Hominid Evolution — Henry T. BunnJohn HawksTravis Pickering

Political Anthropology — Katherine BowieAmy Stambach

Political Economy — Katherine Bowie; Amy Stambach

Politics of Language & Culture — Katherine Bowie; Amy Stambach

Population Genetics — John Hawks

Primate Social Behavior — Karen Strier

Primate Ecology — Karen Strier

Primatology — Karen Strier

Psychological Anthropology — Maria Lepowsky

Quantitative Methods — John HawksJ. Mark Kenoyer

Religion, Anthropology of — Amy Stambach

Reproduction, Anthropology of — Claire Wendland

Ritual & Religion — Maria Lepowsky; Amy Stambach

Sedentism — J. Mark Kenoyer

Settlement Patterns — Sissel Schroeder

Shells — J. Mark Kenoyer

Social Marginalization & Inequality — Emiko Ohnuki-Tierney; Amy Stambach

Social Violence and Warfare — Nam Kim; Sissel Schroeder

South Asia (India & Pakistan) — J. Mark Kenoyer

South Africa — John Hawks; Travis Pickering; Amy Stambach

Southeast Asia — Katherine Bowie (Thailand); Nam Kim (Vietnam)

Statistical Approaches to Fragmentary Samples — John Hawks

Subsistence Ecology — Sissel Schroeder

Symbolic Anthropology — Emiko Ohnuki-Tierney; Amy Stambach

Tanzania — Henry T. Bunn; Amy Stambach

Taphonomy — Henry T. BunnTravis Pickering

Technology — J. Mark Kenoyer (Ancient)

Totalitarianism — Emiko Ohnuki-Tierney

Urbanism — J. Mark Kenoyer (Ancient)

Western US — Maria Lepowsky

Women’s Studies — Maria Lepowsky

Zooarchaeology — Henry T. Bunn; Travis Pickering