Yongming Zhou




5458 Sewell Social Science Bldg.

Carillon Tower in front of Sewell Social Science Building


Ph.D., Duke University, 1997
Joined UW-Madison faculty in 1999


Yongming Zhou CV


Areas of Focus

Cultural anthropology, East Asia, China, Development


Center for East Asian Studies
Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies


Research interests include Globalization, Development, Cultural Change, Political Economy, Media Politics, Environment, Political Ecology, Nationalism, Ethnicity, Tourism, Drugs, Cyberspace, and China (Especially southwest China and Tibetan areas).


  • Anthro 900 Fundamentals in Anthropological Theory
  • Anthro 919 Globalization and Transnational Culture
  • Anthro 528 Anthropology of Drugs
  • Anthro 300 Theory and Ethnography
  • Anthro 358 Anthropology of China
  • Anthro 104 Cultural Anthropology and Human Diversity

Select Publications

  • 2006 Historicizing Online Politics: Telegraphy, the Internet and Political Participation in China. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press.
  • 1999 Anti-Drug Crusades in Twentieth-Century China: Nationalism, History and State Building. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield.
  • 2005 Living on the Cyber Border: “Minjian” Political Writers in Chinese Cyberspace. Current Anthropology, Vol. 46 (5): 779-803.
  • 2005 Informed Nationalism: Military Websites in Chinese Cyberspace. The Journal of Contemporary China, Vol. 14 (44): 543-62.
  • 2000 Social Capital and Power: Entrepreneurial Elite and the State in Contemporary China. Policy Sciences, Vol. 33, (3 & 4): 323-40.