University of Wisconsin–Madison

Richard McFarland

Assistant Professor

(608) 262-7395

5313 W. H. Sewell Social Science Building

Richard McFarland and a vervet monkey

Joined UW-Madison faculty in 2014


Richard McFarland CV

McFarland Lab

Areas of Focus

Biological anthropology, Primatology, Physiology, Behavioral ecology


School of Physiology, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa


My research combines behavioral, ecological, hormonal, and body temperature data to investigate individual, population and species differences in physiological competence, particularly in relation to the consequences of sociability. My primary research focuses on populations of vervet monkeys and chacma baboons living in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. These are ideal model organisms for my research because they are obligatorily social, experience a wide temperature range in extreme environments, and manifest a range of specialized social and thermoregulatory adaptations.


  • Anthro 100 General Anthropology (Biological Section)
  • Anthro 105 Principles of Biological Anthropology
  • Anthro 690 Practical Skills in Primatology
  • Anthro 690 Statistics in Anthropology
  • Anthro 691 Senior Thesis
  • Anthro 699 Directed Study