University of Wisconsin–Madison
Photograph of Native American Dance Ceremony at Powwow


Archaeology Faculty

Henry T. Bunn: Human origins, Evolutionary ecology, East Africa

Sarah Clayton: Teotihuacan, Complex societies, Mesoamerica

J. Mark Kenoyer: Harappa, Craft production, South Asia

Nam C. Kim: Complex societies, Warfare, Vietnam, Southeast Asia

Sissel Schroeder (Department Chair): Historical Ecology, Complex Societies, Eastern North America

Biological Anthropology Faculty

John Hawks: Paleoanthropology, Anthropological genomics, South Africa

Richard McFarland: Primatology, Physiology, Behavioral ecology, South Africa

Travis Pickering: Paleoanthropology, Taphonomy, South Africa

Karen B. Strier: Primatology, Behavioral ecology, Brazil

Cultural Anthropology Faculty

Katherine Bowie: Southeast Asia, Thailand

Jerome Camal: Ethnomusicology, Caribbean

Falina Enriquez: Ethnomusicology, Brazil

Maria Lepowsky: Medical anthropology, Oceania

Larry Nesper: Legal anthropology, Wisconsin, North America

Emiko Ohnuki-Tierney: Symbolic and historical anthropology, East Asia, Japan

Amy Stambach: Anthropology and education, Environment, East Africa

Claire Wendland: Medical anthropology, Malawi, Africa

Zhou Yongming: Development, East Asia, China

Kenneth George, Cultural anthropology, Indonesia, Southeast Asia

Sharon Hutchinson, Cultural anthropology, Africa

Anatoly Khazanov, Cultural anthropology

Herbert Lewis, Cultural anthropology, history of anthropology

Kirin Narayan, Cultural anthropology, ethnographic writing

T. Douglas Price, Archaeology, Archaeological chemistry, Europe

Frank Salomon, Cultural anthropology, South America

James Stoltman, Archaeology, Wisconsin, North America,

Elizabeth Leith, Museum Anthropology, Protohistoric/European Trade, Historical Archaeology

William Aylward, Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies

Bruce Barrett, Family Medicine and Community Health

Nicholas Cahill, Art History

Jane Collins, Community and Environmental Sociology

Linda Hogle, Medical History and Bioethics

Elizabeth Mertz, Law School

Ellen Rafferty, Center for Southeast Asian Studies

Shannon Sparks, Civil Society and Community Studies, School of Human Ecology

Sissel Schroeder, Department Chair
(608) 262-0317

John Hawks, Associate Chair and Faculty Undergraduate Advisor
(608) 262-8726

Kristine Schultz, Administrator
(608) 262-2868

Hannah Shilts, Graduate Coordinator
(608) 262-2869

Kyle Speth, Financial Specialist
(608) 262-2867

Erika Petrie, Undergraduate Coordinator
(608) 262-2866

Archaeology Bauer, Kimberly
Archaeology Brodie, Laura
Archaeology Chavali, Sneha
Archaeology Davis, Mary Anne
Archaeology Eichmann, William
Archaeology Glover, Lauren
Archaeology Hodgson, John
Archaeology Hoffman, Brett
Archaeology Lee, Alan
Archaeology Nicolas, Richard
Archaeology Porter, Michael
Archaeology Sarathi, Akshay
Archaeology Slocum, Terrance L. II
Archaeology Sluka, Victoria
Archaeology Trotter, Katherine
Archaeology Velasco Guadarrama, Adriana
Bioanthropology Bish, Jack
Bioanthropology Duch Latorre, Irene
Bioanthropology Edlund, Sarah Elizabeth
Bioanthropology Ellis, Rebekah
Bioanthropology Hardie, Amanda
Bioanthropology Heile, Andrea
Bioanthropology Hewes, Mackenzie
Bioanthropology Kirby, Emma
Bioanthropology Mayer, Caitlin
Bioanthropology Steffeck, Alexandra
Bioanthropology Uy, Jeanelle
Cultural Ai, Peng
Cultural Arosoaie, Aida
Cultural Benedetto, Caitlin
Cultural Boyden, Alina
Cultural Bruno, Sarah
Cultural Duchatellier, Stephanie
Cultural Estes, Jennifer
Cultural Gossage, Mollie
Cultural He, Qing
Cultural Hebden, Ellen
Cultural Hodapp, Rachel
Cultural Hook, Tyler
Cultural Hopper, Jason
Cultural Hutchins, Kip
Cultural Johnson, Sheamus
Cultural Kitchen, Shannyn
Cultural Lewis, Juniper
Cultural Li, Pin-Yi
Cultural Lynch, Julian
Cultural Malangpoo, Neeranooch
Cultural Meyer, Brianna
Cultural Pauliot, Molli
Cultural Satasut, Prakirati
Cultural Silver, Rachel
Cultural Thomson, Kendra
Cultural Trew, Matthew
Cultural Venker, Matthew
Cultural Voinot-Baron, William
Cultural Wamalwa, Kevin
Cultural Warning, Kiersten
Cultural Wong, Pearly
Cultural Wu, Jiangjiang
Intersection/AC Tate, Sarah