Table of PhD requirements

Table of basic requirements by section (click on subdiscipline name at top of column for more information)

MINOR REQUIREMENTS: As defined by Minor Department Same Same Same
BREADTH REQUIREMENTS: 300 level or above in one other section, taken before or after Quals Same Same As defined by committee
SEMINAR AND COURSE REQUIREMENTS IN ADDITION TO M.A. REQUIREMENTS: 21 additional credits, including one course 300 level or above from another Anthro section, and two seminars in anthropology/archaeology. 21 additional credits, including course work relevant to field of specialization. 21 additional credits, including one additional 900 level seminar in Anthropology, one course in research methods. As defined by committee
LANGUAGE REQUIREMENTS: Determined and tested by Major Advisor Same Same Same
PH.D. RESIDENCY REQUIREMENT: 32 credits, two full time semesters in the field in which you receive your degree Same Same Same
PRELIMINARY EXAMS: By end of 8th semester for incoming B.A. students; by end of 6th semester for incoming M.A. students By end of the 3rd semester after passing Qualifying Exam Normally taken at the end of the 6th semester in the program As decided by committee.
PH.D. DISSERTATION: Completed within five years of passing preliminary exams Same Same Same
PH.D. ORAL DEFENSE: Oral Defense (2 hrs) of previously submitted dissertation. Same Same Same