Master’s Degree in Anthropology

The primary focus of the Department of Anthropology is on the doctoral degree. A master’s degree is awarded in the process of pursuing the Ph.D., but students are not admitted for the sole purpose of obtaining a master’s degree. At the master’s level, it is expected that candidates will begin to gain professional competence in a specialized field and will have the opportunity to explore a wide spectrum of interests within that field. Thorough undergraduate preparation is assumed. Basic training in prehistory, biological anthropology, and sociocultural anthropology, taken as an undergraduate major in anthropology, is required. Specific requirements vary for each concentration. Students are encouraged to continue reviewing this website for details on requirements for each concentration.

Joint Degree consists of one degree with two majors. Joint Degrees are relatively rare. You must be admitted by the second major in order to complete a Joint Degree.

Double Degree is two degrees from two separate graduate majors. This usually occurs at the Master’s level. To receive a Double Degree you must 1) satisfy all of the requirements from both majors, 2) meet the Graduate School credit requirements for both majors, and 3) have no more that 25% overlap.

Dual Degree is two degrees, one which is granted from a graduate major and the other granted from one of the professional schools (Medical School, Law School or the School of Veterinary Medicine). You must be admitted to both programs and must satisfy all requirements for each degree. If you have any questions contact the Graduate Coordinator at 262-2868 or the Graduate School.