Sissel Schroeder
Sissel Schroeder

Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University, 1997
Professor of Anthropology
At UW-Madison since 2000


Affiliations: American Indian Studies Program
The Nelson Institute of Environmental Studies
Center for Culture, History and the Environment


My current research addresses the evolutionary significance of emerging sociopolitical complexity among tribal and chiefdom societies in the midcontinental U. S., and the spatial distribution of people in the Midcontinent in relation to inconstant and heterogeneous social, natural, and anthropogenic landscapes. Building on the GIS-based methodological framework of my early work on settlement patterns and ecological modeling in the American Bottom, I am extending the context of my research to western Kentucky (the Mississippian-era Jonathan Creek site) and southern Wisconsin (Skare, a multicomponent site). I have extended my interest in the spatial distribution of people in a new direction to consider the initial colonization of Wisconsin by Native peoples some 12,000 years ago, using the Paleoindian materials from the Skare Site as a point of departure.


Anthro 100: General Anthropology
Anthro 112: Principles of Archaeology
Anthro 338: Introduction to Prehistory and Archaeological Principles
Anthro/AISP 354: Archaeology of Wisconsin
Anthro/AISP 355: Archaeology of Eastern North American
Anthro 370: Field Course in Archaeology
Anthro 490: Undergrad Seminar
Topic: Household Archaeology
Topic: Museums in Anthropology
Topic: Archaeological Analysis

Anthro 696: Archaeological Methods of Curation
Anthro 942: Seminar
Topic: Household Archaeology
Topic: Theory in Archaeology
Topic: Peopling of the Americas

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Curriculum Vitae


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