Frank Salomon
Frank Salomon

Ph.D., Cornell University, 1978
John V. Murra Professor of Anthropology
At UW-Madison since 1982

Cultural Anthropology


Frank Salomon's current project is a detailed study of Rapaz, a community at 4000 meters over sea level, which guards some 263 khipus in a house of traditional ritual from which villagers serve the deified mountains. The project combines close study of these khipus with archaeological, ethnographic, and architectural study of their context. Khipu research bears on questions of "proto-writing," the origin and demise of scripts, and relations between semiosis (sign action) and social complexity.


Salomon teaches courses on the Andean peoples, on religion, on research design and methods, and on literacy.

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Office: 5442 Sewell Social Science Bldg.
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