T. Douglas Price
T. Douglas Price (Retired)

Ph.D., Michigan, 1975
Weinstein Professor of European Archaeology
Director, Laboratory for Archaeological Chemistry
At UW-Madison since 1974

6th Century Professor of Archaeological Science
Department of Archaeology
University of Aberdeen



My interests include European prehistory, archaeological chemistry, hunter-gatherers, the origins of agriculture, migration, complexity, and masks. My current research is two-pronged. I do field archaeology in Denmark investigating the transition from late Stone Age hunters to early Neolithic farmers that takes place around 4000 B.C. Our project group has excavated four major sites in the last 10 years. As Director of the Laboratory for Archaeological Chemistry my interests for the last ten years have focused on the use of isotopes to study past human behavior, especially mobility. These projects involve archaeological materials from the North Atlantic, Europe, and Mesoamerica, among other places.


100 General Anthropology
102 Archaeology & the Prehistoric World
309 Prehistoric Europe
310 Archaeology of Scandinavia
311 Archaeological Chemistry
394 Statistics in Archaeology
490 Undergraduate Seminars
942 Graduate Seminars
--- Transition to Agriculture
--- Past Hunter-gatherers
--- Research Methods

Select Publications

Office: 6329 Sewell Social Science Bldg.
Office phone number: (608) 262-2575
e-mail address: tdprice@wisc.edu