Kirin Narayan
Kirin Narayan (Retired)

Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley, 1987
Professor of Anthropology
At UW-Madison since 1989

Cultural Anthropology

Affiliations : Folklore Program, Religious Studies Program, and Center for South Asia


Professor Narayan has engaged in long-term fieldwork on oral traditions in South Asia, and has researched the South Asian diaspora, and the role of narratives in the transmission of identity. She is also working on making explicit the craft of ethnographic writing in dialogue with other narrative genres. Please see the list of books and articles for further information.


Professor Narayan teaches courses that include Anthropology of South Asia, Anthropology of Life Stories, Anthropological Approaches to Folklore, Indian Folklore, South Asian Diaspora, South Asian Americans: An Ethnographic Approach, Ethnographic Writing

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