Nam Kim
Nam C. Kim

Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago, 2010
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
At UW-Madison since 2010


Affiliations: Center for East Asian Studies; Center for Southeast Asian Studies


I am an anthropological archaeologist interested in sociopolitical complexity, early forms of cities, factors associated with significant cultural change, and the relationship between modern politics, cultural heritage, and the material record. I am also especially interested in the cultural contexts and social consequences of organized violence and warfare, as manifested in various cultural, spatial and temporal settings. Much of my recent research has been geographically focused on East and Southeast Asia, and since 2005 I have been conducting archaeological fieldwork in Vietnam at the Co Loa settlement of the Red River Delta. A heavily fortified site located near modern-day Hanoi, Co Loa is purportedly connected to Vietnamese legendary accounts and is thus viewed by many as integral to the genesis of Vietnamese civilization. Aside from its historical and national significance, the case of Co Loa is salient for archaeological theory as it constitutes one of the earliest cases for both state formation and urbanism in Southeast Asia.


Anth 100: General Anthropology Anth 102: Archaeology and the Prehistoric World
Anth 310: Topics in Archaeology

Anth 490: Undergraduate Seminar

Anth 942: Graduate Seminar
Select Publications

Kim, Nam. 2013. Lasting monuments and durable institutions: Labor, urbanism, and statehood in northern Vietnam and beyond. Journal of Archaeological Research 21(3), pp. 217-267.

Kim, Nam. 2012. Angels, Illusions, Hydras, and Chimeras: Violence and Humanity. Book review essay of The Better Angels of Our Nature by Steven Pinker and The Western Illusion of Human Nature by Marshall Sahlins. Reviews in Anthropology 41(4), pp. 239-272.

Kim, Nam, Lai Van Toi, and Trinh Hoang Hiep. 2010. Co Loa: An investigation of Vietnam's ancient capital. Antiquity 84, pp. 1011-1027.

Kim, Nam and Chapurukha Kusimba. 2008. Pathways to Social Complexity and State Formation in the Southern Zambezian Region. African Archaeological Review 25, pp. 131-152.

Kim, Nam and Lawrence Keeley. 2008. Social Violence and War. In Encyclopedia of Archaeology, edited by Deborah Pearsall, San Diego, Elsevier Academic Press, pp. 2053-2064.

Curriculum Vitae

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