Ken George
Kenneth M. George

Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1989
Professor Emeritus of Anthropology
UW-Madison since 1999-2013

Cultural Anthropology

Affiliations: Center for Southeast Asian Studies; Religious Studies Program; Border and Transcultural Studies Research Circle; Visual Culture Studies Steering Committee


Ken George is a specialist on Southeast Asia and has been the Editor of the Journal of Asian Studies since 2005. His research principally concerns the cultural politics of language, art, religion, and violence. Ken's early work in Indonesia (1982-1992) dealt with ritual speech, song, and violence. Since 1994, he has been collaborating with Indonesian painter A. D. Pirous in exploring the predicaments and possibilities for Islamic visual culture in national and transnational art publics, especially those wounded by state violence. Ken is also using that collaboration to set agendas for ethnographic art historical research, and the cross-disciplinary analysis of ideology, experience, and subjectivity.

Current Position

Ken offers anthropology courses on language, art, and ideology; public culture; and social theory. He also teaches classes on Southeast Asia.

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