Katherine Ewing
Katherine Pratt Ewing

Professor Ewing’s research focuses on debates among Muslims about the proper practice of Islam and the complex relationships among Islam, secularism, and modernity. She has examined how political debates and associated processes of stigmatization play out in the lives of Muslims in Pakistan and Turkey, and, most recently, among Muslims of Turkish and South Asian backgrounds living in Germany and the United States. Her recent work examines how diasporic Muslims negotiate sexualities and Islam.


In addition to area-related courses such as "The Muslim World," and "Culture and Politics of South Asia," Professor Ewing teaches undergraduate courses focused on issues that touch students’ lives directly, including "Self and Society," and "Alcohol and Culture." Upper level seminars include "Foucault and Anthropology," "Masculinities," "Anthropology of the Religious Imagination," and "Islam, Gender, and Sexuality." She also teaches courses on fieldwork methods and interviewing.

Selected Publications

Stolen Honor: Stigmatizing Muslim Men in Berlin. Palo Alto: Stanford University Press. (2008)

Being and Belonging: Muslims in the US since 9/11 (editor) Russell Sage Foundation. (2008)

Between Cinema and Social Work: Diasporic Muslim Women and the (Dis)pleasures of Hybridity. Cultural Anthropology 21(2): 265-294. (2006)

Revealing and Concealing: Interpersonal Dynamics and the Negotiation of Identity. Ethos 34(1): 89-131. (2006)

Images of Order and Authority: Shifting Identities and Legal Consciousness in a Runaway Immigrant Daughter. In Jeanette Mageo and Bruce Knauft, eds. Power and the Self, Cambridge University Press, pp. 93-113. (2002)

Legislating Religious Freedom: Muslim Challenges to the Relationship between "Church" and "State" in Germany and France. Daedalus 129 (4):31-54. (2000)

Arguing Sainthood: Islam, Modernity and Psychoanalysis. Durham, North Carolina: Duke University Press. (1997)

Dreams from a Saint: Anthropological Atheism and the Temptation to Believe. American Anthropologist 96(3):571-583. (1994)

1990 The Illusion of Wholeness: "Culture," "Self," and the Experience of Inconsistency. Ethos 18,3:251-278. (Winner of L. Bryce Boyer Prize). (1990)

Editor, Shari`at and Ambiguity in South Asian Islam. Berkeley: University of California Press. (1988).
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